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New F-max impeller by KSB

KSB presented at the IFAT fair in Munich their newest free-flow impellers for waste water Amarex pumps.

The new F-max impeller has two different distances between their vanes, short and long. With this asymmetrical distribution, it allows fluids with larger solids to pass, allowing them to be managed and treated with total safety. F-max impellers can now reach the same performance levels that were only achieved with single-channel impellers.

Since radial forces and vibrations caused are lower than the ones caused by single-channel impellers, the lifespan of the bearings and shaft sealing increase significantly. Hence the low amount of maintenance needed. Even replacing the impeller is a simple task.

When rotating free-flow impellers cause strong swirls, causing solids to be suspended in the pump casing, in combination with the inclined suction area, it generates and additional flushing action. This significantly reduces the risk of clogging the impeller’s centre usually caused by long fibres. Particularly, caused by wet wipes. These have become a major problem in the past few years due to the increase of their use.

As a result of the trend of conserving drinking water and the separation of storm waters and waste water, treatment of waste water has become somewhat challenging.  Therefore, users demand pumps with non-clogging impellers which provide a secure performance without impairing their efficiency, even for small sized pumps.


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