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Horizontal, selfpriming, singlestage, monobloc pump with multiblade open impeller. Atex design aviable.

See Etaprime B-BN series Catalogue

See AU series Catalogue


Self-priming centrifugal pumps, with open or semi-open impeller, wear plate, and mechanical seal. With a robust design, they are suitable to be driven by electric motors or, gasoline or diesel engines. 

As the pumps in the AU series are self-priming, they work without foot valves, and it is not necessary for the suction pipe to be primed. As long as some water remains in the pump housing, the pump will work automatically, generating a total head of 8 w.c.m., depending on pumping flow. 

Bare shaft or monobloc version available, indicated for bait tanks of fishing boats or fish farms



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