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Etaline Z

Etaline Z

Close-coupled, in-line twin circulator pump, pump shaft and motor shaft are rigidly coupled.


Close-coupled in-line twin pump. Two separate centrifugal pump hydraulics in one pump casing, with a spring-loaded changeover flap located in the discharge nozzle.
The flap housing material of twin pump sizes DN 32 to DN 80 is Rilsan, from sizes DN 100 up to and including DN 200 bronze. The flaps, springs and axles etc. are made of chrome steel. The mechanical seal chamber can be vented manually by means of integrated vent valves. Single-pump operation (one pump on standby) and parallel operation (additional pump start-up in case of peak load) can be selected as operating modes.

The associated switchgears, pump feet for vertical installation of the pump unit and blind flange for ensuring pump availability during servicing are documented as accessories.


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