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Floodable single-pump or dual-pump sewage lifting unit for automatic disposal of domestic sewage and faeces below the flood level. Automated with LevelControl.

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Disposal of sewage from toilet facilities below the backwash level, e.g.:

– Basement flats
– Bars, basement party rooms and saunas F Cinemas and theatres
– Department stores and hospitals
– Hotels, restaurants and pubs or schools

mini-Compacta U60

Particularly compact package units with a tank footprint as small as 500 x 500 mm, for installation in a pit or at floor level.

mini-Compacta U100

Powerful single-pump units with a high effective volume for above-average sewage volumes and high discharge heads in single-family houses.

mini-Compacta UZ150

Duplex-pump units for installations requiring uninterrupted waste water drainage, e.g. in basement flats, restaurants / pubs, cinemas, etc. In accordance with EN12 050-1 a stand-by pump is required for such applications.

mini-Compacta US100/UZS150

Single- / Duplex-pump units with cutter. Used in all cases where only small pipe cross sections are possible before connection to the collecting main, above all for subsequent installation in old buildings. They are used above and below the backwash level, also as pumped drainage system.


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