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Vertical, fully floodable submersible motor pump in close-coupled design, IP 68, single-stage, with or without level control, max. immersion depth 10 m. Available in materials for salt water and other fluids.

Shaft sealing:

– Impeller side: 1 mechanical sealing.
– Motor side: 1 breech ring.
– Oil reserve between both sealing elements.

Ama-Drainer /10/11 – standard version for slightly contaminated water, with solid particles up to 10/11mm. Semi-open impeller.
Ama-Drainer /35 – version for waste water, with easily tangled fibres and solid particles up to 35mm. Vortex impeller.
Ama-Drainer /C – version for “aggressive waters/fluids” Salt water , swimming pool water and solid particles up to 35mm.
Ama-Drainer /R – version for waters/fluids containing oils and residual waters with oil.


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