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Flameproof motors compliant with the European Standards for atmospheres where gas is present and for areas where combustible dust is present.

ATEX motors are used when security must be assured against fires and explosions caused  by gases, dust and liquids. These motors may be used in a wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, refinery, termal stations, in ship, manufacturing industries and platforms.

These are also used in systems for:

  • Processing of smoke residues
  • Recolection and treatment of residues
  • Food industry ( Cereal, rice, sugar, etc.)

Brake motor models available.


Three phase and single phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors:

  • 2G motors for classified areas zone 1 and zone 2 (GAS)
  • Totally enclosed, IP55 frame with IP65 terminal box.
  • Mounting options B3,B5,B35,B14,B34.
  • High protection against corrosion: inside and outside surfaces polyesther powder painting (minimum thickness 150 um)
  • Brake variants: D.C current brake, Positive brake(brakes when energized with uninterrupted current)
  • Motors comply with IEC standard.
  • Three-phase, 1-speed motors, 2-4-6-8 poles, T4 (for sizes between 63 and 250, multi-voltage power supply 380-400-420V/ 50 Hz).




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