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GEA-Westfalia separators are essential in industrial sectors such as  naval for oil and fuel treatment and in the oil and grease handling and treatment. They work as independent  systems or integrated in processing lines.

It’s protected against expensive damage to engine components, the water content in the fuel or lubrication oil is reduced down .The separated fuel and lubrication oil is practically free of sediment contamination and the salt content in fuel oils is efficiently reduced.

The machine is driven by a three-phase AC motor. Power is transferred to the bowl spindle via flat belt. All bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath.


Features & Benefits:

  • Low and easy maintenance and operation.
  • Low space requirement.
  • Light weight.
  • Low noise level.
  • Low amount of wear, abrasión and erosion.
  • Easy installation
  • .Continuous operation.


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