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The NM range of pumps are single-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps, with axial suction and radial discharge built to standard ISO 2858, evolved as a result of applying technological innovation to pump design and manufactured. Prepared in order to comply the Standar ISO-5199 they provide solutions to the harsh requirements of industrial process pumping:

  • High hydraulic efficiency
  • Sturdy design (24/24 Hours) ideal for medium duty work
  • Wide variety of materials available , according to the liquid being pumped
  • Different sealing systems with standardized channel systems
  • Different seal cooling plans
  • Possibility of heating housings
  • Closed or semi-open impellers with axial adjustment
  • Reinforced support with wide bearings
  • Modular pumps
  • Standardized parts with high degree of interchangeability
  • Minimal and rapid maintenance

Although these pumps are normally driven by electric motor mounted on a bedframe standardized to ISO-3661, other power drive sources may be used (diesel engine, steam turbine, hydraulic motor,…)


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