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Floodable submersible motor pump with mechanical seal and F type impeller (Vortex).  Float switch is incorporated. Appropriate for removing waste water from flooded rooms or surfaces. (houses, businesses, etc.) 10m  cable included.

Solids handled according to each model:

VORTIX-80 MS: 35 mm Ø
VORTIX-100MS: 50 mm Ø
VORTIX-150 y 200: 65 mm Ø
VORTIX-300 y 400: 80 mm Ø

Modelos VORTIX-80 y 100 salida. G 11⁄2 bends and G 2 thread.
Modelos VORTIX-150 y 200. DN-65 flange and  G 21⁄2 counterflange.
Modelos VORTIX-300 y 400. DN-80 flange  and  G 3 counterflange.


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