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Designed to transform sea water into fresh water, suitable to human and industrial use, this equipment may be installed on board and in land facilities.

The functioning of the Fontemar® generators is simple and effective. By using the residual heat of the motor cooling liquid and the generator’s vacuum distillation system it boils water at a low temperature and steam passes through the separator, afterwards throught the conedenser, storing the water in the tank after finally going through a pump.

The range of production is from 1,500 up to  30.000 litres per day.

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The Fontemar® fresh water generators stand out thanks to the production of the structural components in AISI-316-L stainless steel achieving a greater corrosion resistance and extending its lifespan by more than 40%. Its compact design adapts perfectly to space requirements of engine rooms.

Any source of heat beatween 60 ºC and 90 ºC can be used as supply for the generator as well as vapour at low pressure.



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