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2014 SMM Hamburg Trade Fair

Comercial Naval Canaria has visted the KSB stand at the 2014 SMM Hamburg Trade Fair.

KSB participated in the international maritime technology SMM trade fair celebrated in September. KSB exhibited its on board application pumps in different types of ships and offshore platforms.

Comercial Naval Canaria visited the stand with a range of pumps such as the ILN serie, MULTITEC serie, sludge pumps used in cutter suction dredger ships ensuring free navigation and other pumps for marine environments like the ones offered for the naval sector.

KSB showed their new serie SALINO, high pressure pump with integrated energy recovering system for saltwater desalinization applications in small and medium sized osmosis plants.

Equally, the submserible UPA serie is being used more in wind energy stations and offshore converters due to its space using efficient design. It is robust and allows long periods of operation and it can also be used in fire fighting systems, pressure regulation, washing systems and seawater extraction.

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