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Las Palmas Port

The Port of Las Palmas is located in the path of the European, African and American continents and stands out as the first port in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Port of Las Palmas is, above all, an international port that combines its import and export traffic to the provision of all services to the scale of ships (repairs, supplies, etc.), with the passenger traffic and fishing boats. It is the first center of Canary goods distributor and one of the most important in Spain. Heavily influencing the growth of Las Palmas since its early years, it has been the economic motor the most populated city of the Canary islands.

It’s known as the great fuel station of the Atlantic due to the one and a half tons of fuel dispatched annually, meaning about three tons per minute.

Due to its proximity to African fishing grounds and its infrastructures, it’s the top fishing port of the area, moving up to one thousand tons of frozen fish per day and regarding container shipping, there is one being loaded or unloaded every two minutes.

The port as well, has one of the largest naval repair centre of the area, with the capacity of refloating supertankers and grounding ships of up to 30,000 tons, as well as yatchs.

Here at the island, we’ve enjoyed a tradition of free port and commerce since 1852 , protected by our legal status in the european union, and perfected with the advantages of the REF (economic fiscal regime).

Comercial Naval Canaria, with its KSB ITUR pumps, GRACO pneumatic pumps, TECHTOP electric motors, VILANOVA y CRUZ expansion joints, ABC compressors and NTorreiro water generators satisfies the necessities of the indusrty and ships that arrive at this important european port.

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