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New high pressure HUSKY 1050HP

Comercial Naval Canaria already has availability of the new GRACO model presented recently: The new triple diaphragm high pressure HUSKY 1050 HP.

This pump allows the user to choose, with a simple movement of a lever, between a low pressure functioning mode (1:1 ratio) and a high pressure mode (2:1 ratio) with a new valve designed by GRACO. As high pressure isn’t always necessary, by changing it to low pressure mode air consumption can be reduced up to 50%.

Different materials may be chosen depending on the fluid to be pumped, and having the identical replacement parts as de double diaphragm Husky 1050 (See HUSKY 1050 HP Catalogue ) there’s no need to increase stock replacement parts.

All these characteristics combined with the quality and the design make this model one of the most exclusive high pressure diaphragm pumps in the market.

Replacement parts kit available in shop.


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