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New Electric HUSKY 1050e

Graco has recently presented at the WEFTEC 2015 their new electric 1” double diaphragm pump.

It’s adequate for applications demanding a low pulsation level and a smooth flow. High cost pulsation dampeners or surge tanks are not necessary. Thanks to the air charged drive the elimination or reduction of pulsation is possible.

The main advantages are:

  • Advanced technology allows pump to stall under pressure to avoid failures due to clogged lines and closed valves.
  • Efficient electric operating reducing energy consumption up to 5x compared to other pumps with traditional air operated diaphragms.
  • Maintenance requirements are reduced and low noise level.
  • Seal-less diaphragm design eliminates leaking rotational seals and failures caused by dry running pump conditions.

Here, at Comercial Naval Canaria, the new serie “e” by Graco will soon be available.

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