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This expansion joint contains only one bellows and is designed to allow angular rotation on one plane using a pair of pins attatched to the expansion joint’s ends.

The hardware is designed to restrain pressure load and external load that is considerably reduced with the anchors compared to those without tie rods. This type of expansion joint can’t absorb axial movements due to the rigidity of the system (hinges) which does not allow these type of movements. Hinged expansion joints are usually used in sets of two or three or in combination with two Gimbal expansion joints.



This Expansion Joint contains a single bellows and is designed to permit angular rotation in one plane only by the use of a pair of pins running through plates attached to the Expansion Joint ends.

The hinge hardware is designed to restrain the pressure thrust laid and other additional specified external load. The anchors and supports requirements are greatly reduced from the required for the Single Unrestrained Expansion Joints.

This Expansion Joint is not able to accept axial movement because the hinge hardware is rigid in the axial direction. Hinged Expansion Joints should be used in sets of two or three or in combination with tow Gimbal Expansion Joints


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