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SANIFORCE Food application air operated pumps

Comercial Naval Canaria, as an GRACO official authorised distributor, has now  availability of the SANIFORCE serie for sanitary and food applications.  Built in stainless steel and with food application certification.

Air operated double diaphragm pump, piston transfer pumps, drum and bin unloaders and high pressure cleaning equipment.

This serie covers a wide range of applications in the food sector such as:

– Juice concentrate and puree: Ideal for transfer of semi-viscous to viscous materials, even with low unload rates, such as fruit paste/puree, vegetable paste/puree, fruit juice, etc. More information

– Condiments, dips and salad dressings: for transfer, blending and packing of medium viscosity materials like honey, oil, mayonnaise, hummus, vinaigrette dressing, mustard, etc. Drum and bin unload of medium – high viscosity materials.

– Bakery, snack foods and related products: transfer of low, medium and high viscosity materials, syrups, chocolate syrup, etc.

-Tomato Paste applications: for high viscosity material transfer out of drums such as juices, pastes and tomato sauces. More information

– Meat, poultry and related products applications: like shrimps, squid rings, livers, hearts and blood slurries, etc. More information

-Cultured dairy applications: to unload and move semi viscous to viscous fluids such as  ice cream, yogurt, curd, cottage cheese, sour creams, butter, margarine, etc. More information

– Wine applications: máximum portability for pump-over and barrel to barrel transfer. More information

Time and money can be saved by pumping the most difficult materials with speed and security thanks to the double diaphragm pumps, which are 30% more efficient compared to the market leader. The diaphragm has 5 times more  service life time compared to other double diaphragm pumps in its class.



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